I’m quite new at blogging but I finally decided to start, better late than never right?
After reading some blogs about intercultural relationships I realised what an interesting topic it is. It helped me get some new insights into the new culture im learning about and what kind of special challenges an intercultural relationship can mean. It was really good to find a source of information for the kind of things that can be difficult to find information about and that can be difficult for the people of a culture to explain about. I think that it is easy to take things for granted about your own culture and therefore it can be difficult to teach someone else about it.

All blogs I have found that inspired me have been mostly between nepali and american, australian, canadian etc. That’s why I feel I should start writing as well, to show our views and give a swedish perspective. Writing about our experiences seem like a good way to reflect about new things and new experiences.

Please be patient with my language, since I’m not a native english speaking person I might not always get it right. Even so I feel it’s important to write in english to be able to share with as many as possible! 🙂


What do you think? Please leave a comment! :)

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