Not understanding a single word

When talking to family or friends from your country it’s always easier to speak in your mother tongue. It’s faster and easier to get things said and if it’s about something seemingly unimportant (for others) it’s easy to just say it quick in your own language. Normally that’s no problem, but if there’s one or a few people who doesn’t speak the language then they won’t understand and might feel left out of the conversation.

It’s not easy to always do this, I know I also do the same thing from time to time, especially if we are visiting my family and I have something to tell my mother. When I have something that I want to say and get excited to talk about it then it’s so easy to slip back into Swedish instead of speaking English so B also can understand everything.

I also experienced the reversed roles when visiting Nepal, then it was I who got left out of the conversations and didn’t understand a single word. If it happens just s few times during the conversation or if there’s someone around to speak English with it’s no problem, otherwise it can get a bit boring to not understand. I know I got a bit grumpy at times because it was really frustrating. It’s definitely a good incentive to learn the language properly.

I guess once you’ve experienced this yourself, then you pay more attention to which language the conversation is in and make sure everyone is included. Hopefully we won’t have this problem much longer, B is learning Swedish quite fast and I’m trying to learn Nepali (that’s taking longer time though).

So for those of you reading this who have perhaps a few friends that doesn’t speak your mother tongue, try to not leave them out of the conversation, even for “small unimportant comments”.. 🙂


One thought on “Not understanding a single word

  1. My husbands family always tries to keep the conversation half in Swedish and half in English since I don’t understand Swedish and His Father doesn’t understand English. Honestly I always feel bad, as if I am “making” them speak English. I can’t wait until I learn and no more translating is needed.

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