Using henna for the first time

After spending about a week in Kathmandu with Bs friends they convinced me to try henna on my hair because it seemed a bit dull and dry. They assured me that my hair wouldn’t turn red and that the hair would just get a lovely shine with a hint of red. I must say I was not so easy to convince since I had never coloured my hair before. I really liked my natural dark blond hair and had never thought about colouring it, and also because I don’t want to use strong chemicals on the hair. After a while I did agree that my hair needed some better care and that it actually was a bit dry. So I decided to give it a go.

They bought the normal henna for hair that they usually use and mixed it up with water some egg (which apparently should give nourishment for the hair) and perhaps lemon, I don’t remember exactly since I didn’t mix it myself. I got wrapped in a towel, because henna leaves stains on clothes and skin that is difficult to remove. Applied some oil on the facial parts so that the henna wouldn’t leave stains on my face. Then T, the girl we stayed with, put all the henna in my hair and wrapped my head in plastic and a towel. I guess that was to keep the head warm so the henna wouldn’t dry so fast. I had to keep it that way for about 30-60 minutes, which was much longer than they usually keep it in their own hair.

When we rinsed my hair and saw the result I was a bit chocked. It was not just my dark blond hair with a nice shine, it was totally red! Not just a little red but extremely red, it had not occurred to me that the result could be like that. And the nepali friends had not expected this result either since their hair is black and they are used to the result of henna on black hair. Nothing could be done about it either, since you shouldn’t mix henna and chemical colouring because that can damage the hair a lot and give strange hair colours. I’m sure you’ll understand that I got a bit chocked after seeing the before and after pictures:

Before:                                                                 After:

I just had to get used to my new hair colour and it was ok. The first days it was really too red (like the picture above) but as the days and weeks passed the colour turned out quite nice. For several weeks my hair kept releasing colour when I took a shower, the water turned red. I guess we used too much henna for my hair type. After about a month I really liked the colour I got, it was like a coppery red that shined very nicely. And now I want to keep that colour so I will use henna again but next time be more careful with how much I use and for how long time I keep it in the hair. I also must say that my hair has never been as shiny and silky as when I used henna, it was like a really good nourishment for the hair!


3 thoughts on “Using henna for the first time

    • Thanks 🙂 yes it was a fun experience and I’m happy I did it even though I had to meet my future in-laws in that super red hair, haha 🙂

  1. Yes and we where also chocked when we look at the pictures of you in Nepal…..the hair was so very red =) You look like Pippi Longstockning!
    Then as you say the hair got darker and very nice, so nice that I also tried it.
    Thanks for the inspiration =)

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