Close to nature in a big city

When I was visiting Nepal last spring, B and I stayed with a couple of his friends in their home while visiting Kathmandu. They were really wonderful, nice and the hospitality was beyond great. They rented the bottom floor of a house and let us use one of the rooms while visiting. The house was a little bit away from the centre of the city, up on a hill so if we walked a short bit we could view the city. When we needed to go to the city we took the local (mini)bus.

What I noticed when I was staying with them was how quiet and peaceful it was even though we were in a city of almost one million people. In the morning we woke up to birds singing outside the house (not roosters luckily), it felt like being in the country side but we were in the capital city.

The nights were also really amazing. Even though we were in such a big city we could see the stars as clearly as if we had been somewhere far away from any civilization. Probably because Kathmandu has some major electricity problems so there were a lot of shortage and most of the time there was no electricity at all. That could sometimes be a problem but it was also something that made the city and my experience of it special and very memorable.

Another special thing about Kathmandu was the weather. Besides from being hot in the day time and cold at night there were a lot of thunderstorms. I have never experienced that much thunder in such a short time. It was not anything negative though, it was quite nice and beautiful, although it created more problem with the electricity. I’m guessing it was that much because I was there in the hot and dry season so maybe there was extra much thunder.

Kathmandu might be a big city but it feels like a small one. If you can wake up to bird song and fall asleep to a starry night sky it sure feels like being out in nature.


One thought on “Close to nature in a big city

  1. It seems to be a wonderful city. Being able to see all the stars in the evening’s incredible!

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