Remembering the Buddhist temples in Nepal

On my very first day visiting Nepal we (me, B and some of Bs friends) went to a Buddhist temple in Kathmandu. I first saw the temple from a viewpoint, it was situated on a hill overlooking the city and from afar it looked beautiful. When we arrived there it was a short walk, lots of flags hanging between trees and buildings. When we came up to the top of the temple we looked around and walked the circle around the main building and spun the scrolls, since it was a tibetan Buddhist temple. I remember it as a peaceful and relaxing place, nice to get away from the bustling streets a while.


Buddhist temple in Kathmandu

The top of the temple

Lots of flags at the temple

Music was also playing in the background and that was something that really got stuck in my head. I heard the same music in several other temples on my travels in Nepal. It was this song:

Now that I’m back in Sweden I can listen to this music (I bought a cd) and get the same peaceful feeling I had when I visited this temple. It brings back a lot of nice memories of my time in Nepal and makes me long more for going back again.


One thought on “Remembering the Buddhist temples in Nepal

  1. This was one my fav CDs i got from Nepal. It is beyond peaceful and relaxing. Nice reading your experience to Swayambhunath!

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