The beginning of our love story

Today it’s 2½ years since we first met so I thought it was a good time to share the story of how we met.

I had moved to the city E a couple of years back to study at the university. The program I wanted to study was in a city far from my home town, around 3½ hours by train or 5 hours by car, so I had to move from my parents home. Living alone in a city I never had been to far away from my family and adjusting to a completely new life and finding new friends felt both exciting and a bit scary or lonely. I had a lot of fun at the university, with new friends and activities but love was still missing from my life.

When I met B in the beginning of 2010 I was not really looking for a relationship. I just wanted to focus on my studies and have a nice time with friends. We started talking on an international online community (where I have found many of my international friends in the past), went on to chatting on msn and after just one week we decided to meet since we lived in the same city.

Coincidently the only day we could meet because of school and work were a few hours on Valentines day. Neither one of us had other plans so we decided on a time and a place – the fountain on the main square in the city. I was waiting there when I saw him walking up towards me (I had seen his picture in Facebook before so I knew it was him) and I remember thinking something like – “wow, what a good-looking guy, I have to be careful so I don’t fall in love.” Not that looks are everything of course, but undeniably it’s one of many factors most people consider. We spent that first day together walking around, having lunch together and talked a lot, I had a great time.

We enjoyed each others company and kept meeting as often as we could, mostly after B’s work in the evening when we’d go to a local pub and talk. Only two weeks after we first met it was my birthday, we had not planned to meet but B asked me to meet him for a short time at the local pub we use to sit and talk in. I agreed and much to my surprise I got a wrist-watch as a birthday gift. It felt very special since it was the only gift I got that year except from my family. After a few days we went to visit Stockholm (the capital of Sweden) together and there I got another wonderful gift, a big warm scarf made of wool that was really colourful and suited me perfectly. We walked around, visited a temple, took lots of pictures and had fun.

First visit to Stockholm together

Visited a temple in Stockholm

Slussen viewpoint in Stockholm

I started to understand that B probably wanted our friendship to become more since he tried to kiss me at several different occasions when we said good bye and hugged. I was torn between my feelings that had started to develop for him as well and my decision to stay single a while to focus on school. We continued to see each other and in the beginning of Mars I gave in and kissed him back.

We were spending more and more time together and B was always at my place since he shared an apartment with some other guys and I lived alone. After a month or two I asked if he shouldn’t move to my place officially and stop paying rent for the other apartment since he never was there anyway. So he did and our relationship kept moving forward at a fast pace.

When in the middle of it, time felt like it were going slowly and that things took a long time, but now when thinking back everything happened quite fast. One week to meet, a couple of weeks more to become a couple, a few months more and we were living together. It felt great and I was happy that we had found each other!

Even though things happened so fast and we had known each other for a short time when we moved in together I remember that it didn’t feel like we had just met a short time ago. We got a special connection right away and it felt like we had known each other for years instead of weeks. And perhaps we had, only in another time and another place…


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