New Swedish glossary for B

The new glossary I had ordered for B arrived today and I’m pleased to see how good it seems to be. It’s much thicker and bigger than I expected though, it’s almost 7 cm thick and weighs more than 2 kilo!

I felt that we would need a big and good glossary now that B is studying Swedish more seriously. The course (Svenska grund) recommended having a glossary and to learn new words with the help of explanations in Swedish rather than translating every word to your mother-tounge or English. Hope it will be easier this way.

I choose this book out of all the glossary books I found because it focuses on people learning Swedish. All the words are explained in easy and common words rather than in words that can be difficult even for some Swedish people to understand. I didn’t find any pictures online on how the book looks inside so I’m posting one here. Check out this picture for examples if you can speak some Swedish. I recommend this book for anyone learning Swedish and who is studying perhaps SFI course C or D or the Komvux courses in Swedish as a second language.



2 thoughts on “New Swedish glossary for B

  1. That is really thick! Seems like a good resource 🙂 Do you guys speak to each other in Nepal, English or Swedish? I’m always trying to speak with Tri in Nepali to practice, but he often speaks back to me in English.

    • We try to speak in Swedish as much as possible but slip back to English sometimes. I can’t really speak much Nepali yet so I just use a few words here and there. We’re taking one language at a time and since we live in Sweden it’s more important that B learn to speak well before we start practicing my Nepali more seriously 🙂

      Sounds good that you try to practice your Nepali so much 🙂 I can really relate to that he reply in English, I’be had to control myself a lot to reply B in Swedish, especially in the beginning it was a lot easier to answer in English since we understood each other better then, but it got easier with time though 🙂

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