A new start

I have not updated in a long time, but now it’s time! I have been silent for this long partly because I was not very motivated to write and partly because so much was going on in my life that I didn’t have any time over for writing. So much has happened this year and in many ways we have totally started over. Not with our relationship but with everything else. All our focus has been on all the new things in our lives. It has been many months with a lot of ups and downs, especially emotionally. It’s been tough, nervous and stressful and at other times so much fun, learning and excitement.

We have moved to a new city, far away from all our friends but closer to my family. It’s great to be closer to family and where I grew up but at the same time difficult to not be able to meet all our good friends as often as before. And why did we move so far? We wanted to start a business and searched for a city and location that would be good for us. The place we found and liked just happened to be quite far away from where we used to live.

We still chose to take this big step together for our future. It was a big step but a good opportunity for us and we felt it was the right time in life to do this big change. I have always wanted to try to run my own business but I was not sure which field I wanted to do it in, and B has a lot of talent in his field so we though why not combine our knowledge and do this together.

A lot happened in quite short time. We had to pack up all our stuff and sell the apartment. At the same time we had to find somewhere to live in the new city (not easy!) and arrange with buying of the company (to get the rental contract) and fixing everything with setting up and planning the new company. We already had a business plan but of course it had to be reworked and rewritten several times as things changed. It was very exciting and nervous, especially since it was a totally new field for me. I have worked in service before so there were some similarities but also many new things to learn in a short time. Because of the business we had to start big and really commit, with that I mean that we had to make investments and hire personal right from the start, which felt very nervous. We could not start small and keep a normal job on the side as security but had to go all in from the beginning.

So far it’s been good and things are going according to plan. It’s been a lot of hard and stressful work, long hours and no time off, but it is definitely worth it! I’m really proud over taking this big step together, it has been a steep learning curve but it is so fun to work together as a team professionally too! But we could not have done this without all the help from my family, so a really really big thank you to you all! 🙂

Will try to get back to writing a little more regularly from now on..


Do you have Swedish ancestors?

If you are an American there’s a chance that you have Swedish ancestors, because one fifth of Swedens population emigrated to the US, around 1,3 million people left to start a new life when life got too difficult here during years of starvation and drought.

A new season of a tv show called ‘Allt för Sverige’, which mean Everything for Sweden, started yesterday. The programme is about 10 Americans with Swedish ancestors who come here to find their roots. They are competing for the chance to meet with their living relatives here, but all of them get the story of their ancestors, information about who they were, pictures of them, and if they stay in the programme long enough they get to see the place their family is from. They visit the village or city and often see the very house their ancestors lived in before leaving Sweden.

The participants get to visit different parts of Sweden, learn about our culture, try Swedish food, learn a few words in Swedish and much more. It’s really moving to see how they react to coming here and what they think about the experience. They all say they feel like a part of their history is missing and want to find the missing pieces.

If you have Swedish ancestors (even if you don’t know who they are) you might want to check out this programme. I don’t know if they air it in the US as well but I really hope they do. I’m not sure if you can view this programme from another country but I hope it works! In case it doesn’t work and you want to see it, try using a VPN tunnel and connect so you get a Swedish IP address, that should solve the problem.

This is the first of eight programmes to come (season 2). The programme is only available for 30 days after it is aired, so don’t wait too long if you’re interested!