Here are some tips for learning Nepali that I found while learning. If you have any more suggestions on how to learn, useful websites etc, then please leave a comment below! 🙂 For more detail about my language learning check out my posts on learning Nepali.

16 May 2012
I want to share some tips about learning the nepali language and I’ll gather them here, hope it can help other people who also struggle with learning the language! 🙂

I starter by using Complete nepali: teach yourself. It is a book I recommend starting with to learn the rules and pronunciation of devanagari.

When working with flashcards I use my iPad and the app flashcards. If you use an iPhone or iPad then I really recommend this program, it’s great! There are many different ones but I liked this one the most. I will also try to upload my flashcards with davanagari + pictures when I have figured out how to share them here.

2 June 2012
I haven’t managed to find a way to upload my flashcard or give a link to them here, but I can explain how to find them if anyone want to use them. First of all you need the app Flashcards deluxe (see link above), simply because I can’t upload to any of the big flashcard sites because they don’t support pictures and only support 2-sided cards and my flashcards have 4 sides – word in devanagari, picture, romanized version of the word and finally the translation into English.

If you have the app and want to find my flashcards, do like this; press the big + up in the right corner to add a new deck, choose ‘shared library’, ‘search’ and then write Nepali or first 400 Nepali words. Then you can see the decks I’ve added so far. The first 400 words aren’t completed yet because I still need help with the translation of some words and finding corresponding pictures, but I’ll definitely share them as soon as I’ve made them.

14 July 2012

I have found a website, Nepali at Cornell University, with free lessons in Nepali. It contains written conversations (including audio of the conversations), vocabulary list, grammar explanations and exercises (not the key to it though). It seems like a really good resource to use and I’ve started on lesson 1 now, hoping it will be a bit more fun than the books I have. I didn’t find any flashcards for these lessons so I created it for all the lessons, you can find them both on the flashcard app I talk about above if you search for Nepali lesson and maybe add ‘part’ if needed. You can also find the flashcards on my account on Quizlet.

25 August 2012

I have recently found some useful websites that I want to share:

The first 400 words in Nepali flashcards with pictures, devanagari, romanised version and english translation are also done now. It’s a little more than 400 words and you can find them with the app, see previous post above on how to find them. Hopefully the flashcard-websites will support pictures and more than 2 sides on the cards soon. Until then you need the flashcard app Flashcards deluxe to get them.


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    • Nice to know they are of use for other people, I’ve found it hard to find information about learning Nepali so I’m collecting everything I can find that I think is useful 🙂

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