Here are some useful links and programs for learning Swedish that might be helpful if you are trying to learn.

We like to use books called Rivstart A1+A2 and the Rivstart A1+A2 Övningsbok. It’s two books that are for beginners learning Swedish and it’s one book with more reading, listening and explaining grammatical rules and one book that gives more practical exercises. The books are probably made for classroom learning but I think they work well for use at home too. I like these books because they are simple and explain the grammatical rules in a good way without making it too complicated.

SAFIR – Svenska och arbetsliv för invandrare – http://www.digitalasparet.se/safir/startsida.htm
A basic online course in Swedish, complete with exercises, audio and grammar explanations, pronounciation etc.

This program was made for Swedish people practicing english, spanish, german or french but it works just as well the other way too. It has different simple wordgames to learn new words and practice the ones you already know. You can choose the level of difficulty so you can always challenge yourself.

Swedish introductory coursehttp://www.academicearth.org/courses/swedish-introductory-course-centre-for-languages-and-literature
“Swedsih Introductory Course is a series of podcasts that constitute one part of the course with the same name offered to the exchange students at Lund University. The podcasts aim to give you some elementary understanding of the basic grammatical rules of the Swedish language.”



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