Destination India – Study tour

Today I’m leaving Sweden for a two-week stay in India, mainly in Mumbai. I’m going as a part of a course my university has put together, where we study innovation science and management from a global perspective with a focus on India. The main part of the course take place in India where we will be visiting universities, companies, NGOs etc. The university I’m attending is cooperating with a big business school in Mumbai, Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research. They are the ones that have put together the program for us and that make this kind of tours for other universities as well, they call it Destination India – see link here and here.

We have prepared before going there by having seminars about innovation theory and reading a lot about India and the development that is happening there now. Basically watched and listened to a lot of documentaries, radio programmes and read books and webpages.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing how they work with innovation there and what the business culture is like. I’ve read a lot about India before but it has more been a personal aspect and about relationships and such, so to change the focus to the subject I’m studying and combining it with India will be very interesting. My goal is to try to update here as often as possible, perhaps not every day though, and reflect about the days events and what I take away from the experience in India.

The most difficult thing in the preparations have been to figure out what to wear. If I were going as a normal tourist it would have been easy, just to pack like I usually do for travelling. But now we are visiting companies and will spend most of the time in a business environment so have to match the clothes to the appropriate dress code. Here in Sweden it’s still winter and around -10 to a few degrees plus and in Mumbai it’s over 30 degrees everyday, this fact doesn’t really make it easier to figure out what to wear there. Also, we are not used to dressing up for going to school or most companies, here in Sweden we are quite informal and it reflects in the dress code as well. My solution was to pack a few thin clothes that might be too warm to wear but I’ll do some shopping in the beginning of my stay or hope they have AC so it will be alright.

One of the last preparations before leaving for two weeks was to bake a cake for B, it’s something I usually do since he likes this cake (saffron) a lot and will have something yummy to eat when I’m not at home..will miss him a lot but two weeks will pass by very quick I’m sure!