Seasons changing, autumn is here

Autumn is here now in Sweden, days are getting shorter, the weather is colder and all the leafs of the trees start to change colour. The start of a new season here in Sweden is determined by the weather and not on a specific date in the calendar. The definition is that the average temperature of the day/night is getting lower and is between 0 and 10 degrees Celsius. This means that the autumn season will start in the north and move down south as it’s getting colder. There can be up to two months difference between when the autumn starts.

All four seasons have its charm and positive and negative aspects. I feel lucky to live in this kind of climate and country where we have so big changes in seasons over the year. We get to experience these kind of changes so often and see the beauty of each season. Winter with its snow, spring when all the colours come back, summer for the warmth and finally autumn with more colour changes, only with a different palette. Every year when a season is about to change it’s difficult to imagine what comes next. When it’s winter and all the trees are brown without leafs it’s difficult to imagine how it looks like when spring comes and everything turns green. Same thing with autumn when the leafs start to change colour and fall off.

Every time I’m thinking about which season is my favourite I notice that I can’t really decide. Spring is great because the long awaited warmth is starting to come back, summer for relaxing and autumn is nice because we get an excuse to stay indoors and do cosy things like lighting lots of candles and snuggle in the sofa.

Appereance wise though I must say I probably prefer autumn. This time of the year is when I miss living close to the ocean the most. I love how the storms in autumn makes the ocean look. It’s like two powerful forces that gets combined and should be shown respect. Both the strong winds of a storm and the forces of the water in the ocean. A storm really shows how powerful the ocean can be and it’s so beautiful with all the colour shifts.

I also used to enjoy going for a walk in the storms, especially down to the beach. Standing on the cliffs close to the water and watching the big waves come crashing on to land is just a wonderful feeling. The salty water splashing on your face and if you’re standing in the wrong (or right, depending on what you wanted) place you might get awashed by the waves. If the waves are big enough and you’re standing in the right place the wave can pass over your head and you just get a little wet on the top instead of drenched in water. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the autumn storms, perhaps I’ll take some next year if I’m down by the ocean at the right time of the year and the weather is right.

Although there are some nice things with darker evenings I soon get tired of it, especially combined with the cold. I start to long for more sunlight and look forward to the winter solstice so that the days will start to get longer again. Until then I’ll just enjoy the beauty of nature around me as long as possible, all leafs will soon be gone for this year so go outside and take walks, and don’t forget to notice the area around you. 🙂