First snowstorm this winter

After an unusually nice autumn with decent temperatures and not too much rainfall winter suddenly arrived. The temperature dropped well below zero in just a few days and it started snowing heavily. It usually comes more gradually with the cold arriving first and the snow much later. I’m used to a cold autumn and start of the winter with low temperatures without any snow for a long time, sometimes not until well into January or February even.

This winter started with a lot of snow very early for the season. It’s been snowing almost constantly for several days now and it doesn’t look like it will stop any time soon. There’s a lot of news about how the snow is affecting people, busses stop going, trains get delayed, people fall and get injured and many cars run off the roads or are in other types of accidents.

I’m not a big fan of the winter season in general because of the cold and wet weather, but I have to admit I do like snowfall. Snow makes this otherwise dark season a little brighter and softens up the bleak and boring landscape. It’s also nice for all the kids (and people who do skiing etc) with a lot of snow so early, it’s a lot of fun playing in the snow, too bad we’re a little too old for that now!

Snowstorm hits the main shopping street

Snowstorm hits the main shopping street

Since the snow came so early this year I really do hope it stays like this at least over christmas. Snow on christmas is a little special since it’s unusual nowadays, as far as I remember it was more common when I was a kid. A white christmas with lights in and on the houses are so nice!

Another reason I hope the snow stays and the temperature stays below zero is that I really don’t like when the snow melts and the ground become wet and splashy, or worse, freeze to ice again after melting! That’s the worst kind of weather here, and the main reason why winter is not my favorite season. Fingers crossed for a winter where the snow doesn’t melt until spring arrives so we don’t have to bother with the spashly streets.

Snowstorm clothes dec2012

Todays snowstorm was not very fun though, the wind was blowing at more than 10 m/s and it’s snowing quite a lot. Only snowfall is quite nice and only wind is also ok, but when you combine the two it’s a different deal. Most people who could probably stayed indoors today as much as possible. I had to go out to go to university and do some shopping.

It was not easy to see where you put your feet since you can’t look straight forward because it’s snowing almost horizontally. To protect the face from the cold winds and snow I wore my scarf wrapped around my face, like in the picture here on the right. This is not my usual style of course but what to do when the weather is like this? 🙂 It was the best way I could figure out so that I could still see the ground even though I had to keep my head down. Perhaps glasses would help, but I guess it would look a bit odd to walk around wearing skiing goggles in the city, hehe. Maybe
there’s a slimmer style to wear in a snowstorm..?